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helm to one-oh-eight

I could feel the storm coming, those purply-orange clouds creeping their way lazily across the ocean and up the cliff towards our settlement. In the distance a thump as something hits the ground and another slowly working their way towards me. The panic starts to set in, my knuckles turn white as my grip tightens…

“Captain coded message for you from the corporation… Captain?” The comm-officer’s voice drags me back to reality. Even after all these years, and so far from home I still can’t let go. As I wipe the sweat from my chest, I order the computer to decode the message using bio-metric identification.

“She’s finished decoding Captain, it’s for your eyes only; transferring to your neo-com now.” The comm-officer whispers as he turns towards me with questioning eyes. “There’ll be none of that on my ship, officer, put it on the main screen!”

A shape beings to materialize on the screen. As it comes into focus the company’s watermark displays prominently in an overlay.

“Ayuno, due to your knowledge and experience you are hereby promoted to the rank of Commander. You are to take the Arch-Angel and rendezvous with the fleet at our corporate offices on Illinfrik VII – Moon 12 – Pator Tech School, 0430 EVE STANDARD TIME on 06.11.111.

At that time you will take command, and perform fleet exercises to your discretion. This message has been disseminate to the other captains and I will be attending to evaluate your performance.”

This is it, I say to myself, back into the cloud. “Helm to one-oh-eight, engineering prepare FTL for warp”

“HELM TO ONE-OH-EIGHT, COMMANDER” booms the officer. Commander, eh. I like the sounds of that.

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  1. szilardis
    2009/11/03 at 18:16

    Ooooh I’m going to have fun with thissss

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