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that ain’t half bad

Recently, I volunteered to be an Fleet Commander (FC) for the first official PVP roam of the corporation I’m currently a member of – Midnight Elites. It has been while since I last FC’d and even then it was only a half dozen times, mostly with small groups of three to ten capsuleers; so I must admit it’s a little exciting and scary.


If you’re like me and want to be a leader and a public speaker but get nervous when speaking in front of groups you’ll know how I feel. It’s like giving a presentation at work or school all eyes are on you… Do I know what I am doing, do I know the material, do I have a outline of the training plan, can I tell these people want to do, are they going to listen or be interested, what happens if I let them down… How do I get over this my, dear, reader may be asking… Well, I realise I will probably never be a great FC as PVP isn’t my primary focus, I don’t really follow all the mechanics of the game and am not that bossy. But by just stepping up and doing it, I’ve already done a half-decent job and “that ain’t half bad.”


For those of you who may be facing similar situations – maybe you’re CEO’s of small corporations or flying with a few buddies and want to step it up a level – here is a beginners guide for Fleet Commanders that I’ve created from my own experiences and readings. I hope that you find it useful and helps make your job a little bit easier and your next fleet operation a little more successful.


If you have any feedback to improve this guide please let me know in the comment section!


Beginners Fleet Commander’s Guide


> Clone is up to date; use jump clone without implants if possible
> Ship is insured (for T1; T2 optional)
>> if the operation “poster” has specified a ship type/loadout
>> check with the Fleet Commander (FC) when fleeting up if there is a ship type/loadout you are or should bring


Ship and Roles
> Fit your ship to take advantage of its bonuses, if you want to fly a different style switch to the proper ship.
> Use your optimal range and try to fit modules that operate at about the same range.
> Focus on your role, for example, if you are a tackler any DPS after your primary function (web, scram, etc) is a bonus to the fleet.


> Trust your FC and your members to play their roles
> Do not AFK without notifying the FC. Do not make your fleet wait for you.
> Do not worry about killmails during combat or at any time when your fleet is exposed (such as at gates).
> Have a printout of the area you are operating in.
> Know where you are (check system names as you enter, overtime).
> Know the systems, how many gates (names), stations and belts.
> Don’t make fleet changes (invites, squad/wing commanders, etc) without warning the gang.


> Optimize your overview settings to the role you are playing.
> Have multiple overview tabs and profiles ready for switching between multiple purposes (warp to points; drones on/off)


> turn off mail (personal) blinking to reduce lag in the event of ship destruction
> activate eve or 3rd party voice service
>> check sound levels
>> cover policy:
– keep comms clear
– reduce background noise
– voice should be used for items of importance to the fleet
– text chat should be used for general chat
– only FC, Scout, or request/action events (scram/web: points) should be reported on voice
– announce jams and other EWAR events as well as incoming intel such as cyan fields
– Keep communication simple. Use succinct sentences, for example. “In <system> : There are <amount of> hostiles and <amount of> neutrals at <system> gate.”
– Repeat orders, sometimes they will be missed or misunderstood. You may need to type them in text chat in certain situations or designate someone to do this.


Fleet Protocols
> At the operation start time be ready in rendezvous system with the proper ship and prerequisites completed
> Always form a fleet and assign an FC even when in small groups.
> Assign a backup FC incase the primary gets destroyed or client dropped.
> Assign Fleet positions (squad commander, scout, etc), and boosters.
> Setup squads according to ship roles or corp/alliance memberships
> When feasible, set fleet to “free move”
> FCs should know what ships are in their fleet; members should know what others are flying
> Learn which ships in your fleet will be the primary targets, be ready to support them (i.e. remote repair)


> When told to align, align; do not warp.
> Stay with the fleet, those who fly off, usually get picked off.
> All fleet members should warp together unless told otherwise.
> Do not jump gates, dock or undock until told to do so.
> Hold cloak until given orders
> Verify your warp-to range.
> NEVER warp to 0 at a friendly scout unless told to explicitly!.
> Do not engage unless told to by the FC.
> Focus fire on Primary targets unless told to do otherwise.
> When possible, be aligned to a way clear of the fight.
> Ensure redundant tackle. After that, spread tackle AND announce which targets you have tackled.
> Warping out, hesitating to engage when ordered, or operating outside your optimal range can get your whole fleet killed.


Loot, cash, mula, iskies
> Collect loot only when the field is clear and the situation is under friendly control.
> FC or designated pilot is responsible for handling fair loot division.
> Report what you loot, be honest with your fleet members. You got this loot due to their help.
> Everybody in the fleet deserves a share.
> Take care of those who lost ships.


When shit hits the fan
> Unless the FC has said otherwise when your ship starts to enter structure hang in as long as possible and if you can warp away before being destroyed.
> If a retreat order is given, pull out. Ensure as many people get clear as possible.
> Try to get survivors to a safe spot.
> Once everyone is clear decide whether to wait, run as a group, or disband on the spot.
> Don’t sacrifice remaining ships when you realise a flight is lost.
> Before counterattacking regroup and reorganize.
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