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it’s official

The corporation I belong to – Midnight Elites – received a war declaration 2 days ago from a 1 man corporation – The Pond, which now sits at 2 members. I’m not really sure what they were thinking; do they randomly find “industrial” corporations with their HQs located in Rens and decide “hey they might make an easy target.” In any case this puts a slight damper on mission running and mining for the next little while.

Last night one of our guys in a Rifter got smashed, not too sure what happened, but we plan a counter-attack and hopefully will get some kills against them. We aren’t sitting this one out station docked. You guys messed with the wrong industrialist! I’ll be FCing the hunt to find these high-sec lame-o’s tonight. We’ve been watching/research them to see trends in ship types and encounters, hopefully this intel will help in putting together a fleet to take them down with minimal losses to us.

Admittedly I’m still fairly new/inexperienced in PVP but it’s kinda lame for experienced (years of in-game time) pilots to grief in high-sec. Honestly, the minute we start fighting back it will turn into a station camping game. Oh, how fun. If The Pond wants to see some action they should really get into null-sec: bubbles, less stations and all that.

The timing of this whole event seems ironic, as we are all itching for a fight after a recent long-standing member ran off with a bunch of our corporate assets. Thank you for providing us with a target or two =)
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  1. szilardis
    2009/11/18 at 16:30

    a) never say lame-os again, you damn canuck.
    b) i sent you that email, read it already
    c) everytime i read your blog, i imagine your accent and cringe a little bit

  2. szilardis
    • 2009/11/19 at 14:27

      I would be if I could see it… requires password to view.. sorry man =P

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