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even a lady too

I think it was on my second day of playing EVE that I started a corporation, Minmatar Industrial Limited. I must admit I like being a leader but in EVE it can become a job in no time, so now I like to just be a very active and vocal member of a corporation. Anyway…over the next couple of months it grew to about 30 people then starting to shrink as newer players stopped playing. I also was busy with RL and my interest where changing so things grew stagnant. In the end I decided to try Faction Warfare for a little while and since then have been, what some would call, a corp jumper.

Each corp I join I am always loyal and dedicated, but they all seem to be missing what made my first corporation so fun: a great group of people sharing and working towards a common interest in a friendly environment, not worrying about ship lost or isk (for the most part). Looking back things weren’t perfect, I admit, but there seemed to be a meeting of like minded people that has been hard to find in that quantity and quality since. The current corporation I’m with, Midnight Elites, has been pretty awesome (and I would highly recommend them) but there has been some talk from management about moving to another region which doesn’t really fit with what I want to do and little true discussion has taken place on this issue which has caused me a little bit of concern for my long-term planning. About the same time EDGE Alliance has started recruiting which I have suggested we join, again, not much discussion. I’ve been pushing both issues in an attempt to get some closure sometime soon!

Now one of my buddies, from my first corp has started up his own and is trying to join EDGE Alliance. What am I to do, is it time to be a jumper again… Time will tell, depending on the above issues being resolved or not.

I’ve been trying to think about how I would like to play this game that makes it fun for me and I really enjoy flying with a small, active, social and sharing type of corporation somewhere in the 15-30 active member range but part of an alliance for bigger projects or a change of pace. I also prefer leadership that listens to its members but can make decision quickly and enforce some sort of rule of law, whether it be activity level or whatever. I’m not saying mandatory ops all the time but when there is a call to arms people should show up, I notice in Null-Sec they are very strict and Empire is the opposite. I would like something in between as I want more than just solo mission runner, PVPers in a corp – I want some team goals and joint operations.

We’ll see what this week brings. Hopefully, another buddy from my first corp, Szilardis, will make the move from his current corp and maybe a few others if they become active again – that’s you Eo if you are reading this! I have some plans for our hulks and production.

In the meantime I’m enjoying Midnight Elites, good helpful people there and even a lady too (as of writing this we now have 2) =0 Thanks Havok for telling me about them after I left null-sec; joining them has been an entertaining time. From mining ops to low-sec roams with a HAC kill and no losses and a successful wardec and POS defence. If you’re looking for a diverse group to join in Minmatar space this is the place to be!

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  1. Szilardis
    2009/12/03 at 06:07

    Fuck school, can’t log in to comment.

    Old MILTD was the best Corp. Ever.
    There were always a couple guys around, and everyone was dung, interesting, active, and pretty damn good. I still haven’t found anything that compares.

    I now hold the Corp on an alt…soooo if anyone is interested on rebuilding a legacy, send an eve mail to Szilardis.

  2. 2009/12/03 at 08:16

    I have had a similar experience to you. I used to run a smallish corp of about 20 pilots at it’s height and had about a year of fun there. The corp was mostly RL friends along with a bunch of in game friends we had all made. After a while many of us started to want either more from the game or just different things than the others wanted and so the corp slowed and eventually went into hibernation. Since then I have been in a few corps and alliances and have had mixed results. In the end I found what seems to be a nice middle ground for me. My main is a combat pilot and a member of the best PVP corp in eve , Clown Punchers(BOZO). I have 2 other characters and I used them to restart my original corp with several of the original members. So now when there is a PVP op for my main I run those and when there is isn’t I run MFG, Missions, Explo, WHs, whatever with my corp Initrode. I’m not sure if you have the option to run more than one account or trained character but this has worked out really well for me so give it some thought. Best of luck!

    • 2009/12/05 at 13:38

      Thanks for the words of advice. I also currently run two accounts but have mostly been using one to support the other (salvaging or a little extra dps). I might start putting them into different corporations with specific focuses so I can explore more aspects of the game that I enjoy: PVP with one and exploration/industry with the other.

  3. 2009/12/03 at 18:58

    Even a lady, eh? Electus Matari is full of ladies…my CEO is a lady, and a badass.
    Next time you think about corp jumping…you should definitely consider coming over to the RP side of things…immersion is a beautiful thing. Our corporate/alliance politics get REALLY serious IC…we are currently embroiled in a massive 20-page debate on our forums because a code of conduct proposal has ICly pissed off several of our members, all the while we have an OOC thread going so that everyone knows how much fun everyone is having in the debate.

  4. 2009/12/05 at 13:48

    RP is honestly looking more and more appealing not only for the added dimension that role-playing adds but I would bet there is an added benefit of more player activity due to the that extra level of engagement.

    A large group of people are leaving Midnight Elites for a more focused PVP corporation, over the next few weeks I’ll be deciding what to do.

    It would be awesome to be in the same corp again =)

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