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mr. nrds has gone wild

After doing some thinking and feedback from others I decided to move Ayuno into a different corporation than Yakius. It was a hard choice deciding where to go, I was seriously contemplating Electus Matari but I’m not sure if I’m ready, yet, for that level of full-time role-playing immersion. What can I say, I enjoy a lot of the OOC bs’ing =P 

As mentioned previously my buddy, McAoidh, started a PVE/PVP corp which I ended up signing on with and as an extra bonus I get to be a director! It is pretty close to my previous employer minus the industry and a more open engagement policy.  Yes, that’s right Mr. NRDS has gone wild. I can finally wardec and attack that low-sec POS I’ve been eyeing for my Industrial toon, Yakius. It is a lot quieter at the moment until we start recruiting but that’s ok cause I get to fly with someone who is willing to take risk, is fun and I get along well with. 

Meanwhile, I’ve returned to my industrial roots with Yakius and should be finished training production efficiency 5 tonight. I also have some near perfect BPOs so hopefully by staying in a more industrial focused corp with him I’ll be able to supply Ayuno with ships cheaply and make a small profit on the market. Midnight Elites has also been talking about getting into T2 or capital production. We have a good group of miners able to supply a lot of our mineral needs but this is a big step for me and I’m a little hesitant to drop money on bpo/c’s until we’ve sat down and really looked at how we are going to allocate responsibilities. 

Another wardec’d came our way, this time a 4 man corp. I think it’s an ex-member who continues to grief us, oh well, we like to fight too so bring it. On the alliance front, looks like we are moving a tab bit closer to joining one but this is happening wayyyy to slow for me. I do consider myself a patient person but I like for ideas to move quickly into reality and do multiple things at once; life is fluid and we can’t wait for the perfect moment. Change isn’t scary, change is opportunity.  

Talking about change, I need to pen some more fiction.

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  1. Szilardis
    2009/12/18 at 07:53

    Well, I remembered my password, but again the school denies me login. Anywho…

    I am almost completed with a new non fiction post, and I can write some more fiction or something after this.

  2. Altaen
    2010/02/08 at 04:45

    You know, we do have OOC channels for BSing? They may actually be our funniest channels…sometimes people even make fun of what their characters are doing IC, good stuff.

  3. Altaen
    2010/02/08 at 04:46

    Oh, and more than one of the characters in EM keep an IC blog to keep the fiction flowing.

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