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no pun intended

I’ve been thinking about large scale high-sec mining ops in systems without stations and how to make them most efficient, this method could also be scaled to work in low/null I believe.

If anyone has any feedback on this idea please let me know as I’d like to refine it [no pun intended ].

> Quiet high-sec system with a high number of belts (no station)
> POS in system with Large Ship Assembly Array (can hold 18.5m m3)
> 2x Orca’s (one with leadership skills & gang link modules, other with cargo optimization)
> Fleet of mining vessels
> 1x Freighter
> Light security (few but effective ships, i.e. HACs/Command/ECM/Logistics)

How it works:
1. Leadership/Gang link Orca sits in the POS giving bonuses to mining fleet in system
2. Other Orca acts as hauler gathering cans and bring them to the Large Ship Assembly Array
3. Mining vessels do their thing clearing belt by belt
4. Security stays with mining fleet
5. At the end of the mining op the freighter moves the ore from Large Ship Assembly Array to NPC station for refining and distribution/sale

Why 2 orcas:
> For a fleet to receive bonuses an Orca can NOT be docked or in warp
> A hauling Orca replaces the need of many haulers thus increasing ROI (return on investment) for the mining op

> All ore mined is pooled then a cut is giving to Alliance/Corporation i.e. 10%
> remaining ore is divided by participants by assigning the ships/roles they played in the op: 1 for stationary orca; 2 for security, hauler orca and non-mining barges; 3 for mining barges; 4 for hulks
> All the points are added up then ore is distributed based on your percentage

stationary Orca = 1
hauling Orca = 2
security ship A = 2
security ship B = 2
non-mining barge = 2
mining barge A = 3
mining barge B = 3
Hulk A = 4
Hulk B = 4
Hulk C = 4
Total points = 27

So Hulk C would get 4/27 or 14.8% of the ore and so on for each pilot.

* This method could also be used in a system with a station by having the stationary orca sit in safe spot while hauler orca makes drops to NPC station.

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  1. 2010/01/12 at 14:41

    I like it, though you could consider verifying the output in a couple of test ops and normalizing the mining barges vs hulks and such. (If you’ve already done that, so much the better.)

    This would also work well in wormhole mining ops, I’d think.

  2. 2010/01/14 at 00:33

    I didn’t even think about using such a setup in a wormhole but that would be a great place for something like this.

    If everyone flew the same ships that would made it a lot easier to calculate payouts and could be a fairer distribution. Midnight Elites, the corp Yakius Warkar belongs to is looking at setting up a mining outpost in a quiet system, hopefully, I’ll be able to test and tweak my format there.

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