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enemy mission runners

I’m not a big fan of high security wars, most of the time it turns into station camping, docking games or the dreaded netural remote repair. From time to time, however, we find ourselves in this situation so here’s a little tip to probing enemy mission runners.

Get yourself into a cloaked ship and head over to the system where you have found the enemy mission runner. Find out what station he is using for his agent, then deloy your probes at the station with the smallest scan range you can. Make sure to sit on grid but far enough away that no one is going to decloak you and give away your location.

The minute you see him undock, do a scan and get his signature ID. Now filter your scanner to only show that result. Wait a few seconds for him to warp off to his mission zone then redeploy your probes and go find him. Once you get a 100% hit on him, call your fleet in and see one surprised mission runner.

I believe the signature ID will change each time a ship docks/undocks or jumps system so you may need to repeat this process until you can find him quick enough or he runs a longer mission.

This will teach people to misson run during wars; for extra points use a locator agent to find targets far away from the combat zone who think they are safe!

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  1. Holub
    2010/02/06 at 03:27

    Nice tactic which I shall be trying later on today.

    • Szilardis
      2010/02/06 at 11:55

      Too lazy to log in from my iPod.

      What if he’s smart enough to watch local?

  2. 2010/02/07 at 03:43

    Let me know how it works for you Holub, and any feedback you might have to refine the process.

    Once could use an out of corporation character or hopefully he is a typical mission runner and doesn’t have local open in a separate channel =)

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