it’s official

2009/11/14 3 comments
The corporation I belong to – Midnight Elites – received a war declaration 2 days ago from a 1 man corporation – The Pond, which now sits at 2 members. I’m not really sure what they were thinking; do they randomly find “industrial” corporations with their HQs located in Rens and decide “hey they might make an easy target.” In any case this puts a slight damper on mission running and mining for the next little while.

Last night one of our guys in a Rifter got smashed, not too sure what happened, but we plan a counter-attack and hopefully will get some kills against them. We aren’t sitting this one out station docked. You guys messed with the wrong industrialist! I’ll be FCing the hunt to find these high-sec lame-o’s tonight. We’ve been watching/research them to see trends in ship types and encounters, hopefully this intel will help in putting together a fleet to take them down with minimal losses to us.

Admittedly I’m still fairly new/inexperienced in PVP but it’s kinda lame for experienced (years of in-game time) pilots to grief in high-sec. Honestly, the minute we start fighting back it will turn into a station camping game. Oh, how fun. If The Pond wants to see some action they should really get into null-sec: bubbles, less stations and all that.

The timing of this whole event seems ironic, as we are all itching for a fight after a recent long-standing member ran off with a bunch of our corporate assets. Thank you for providing us with a target or two =)
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that ain’t half bad

2009/11/06 2 comments
Recently, I volunteered to be an Fleet Commander (FC) for the first official PVP roam of the corporation I’m currently a member of – Midnight Elites. It has been while since I last FC’d and even then it was only a half dozen times, mostly with small groups of three to ten capsuleers; so I must admit it’s a little exciting and scary.


If you’re like me and want to be a leader and a public speaker but get nervous when speaking in front of groups you’ll know how I feel. It’s like giving a presentation at work or school all eyes are on you… Do I know what I am doing, do I know the material, do I have a outline of the training plan, can I tell these people want to do, are they going to listen or be interested, what happens if I let them down… How do I get over this my, dear, reader may be asking… Well, I realise I will probably never be a great FC as PVP isn’t my primary focus, I don’t really follow all the mechanics of the game and am not that bossy. But by just stepping up and doing it, I’ve already done a half-decent job and “that ain’t half bad.”


For those of you who may be facing similar situations – maybe you’re CEO’s of small corporations or flying with a few buddies and want to step it up a level – here is a beginners guide for Fleet Commanders that I’ve created from my own experiences and readings. I hope that you find it useful and helps make your job a little bit easier and your next fleet operation a little more successful.


If you have any feedback to improve this guide please let me know in the comment section!


Beginners Fleet Commander’s Guide


> Clone is up to date; use jump clone without implants if possible
> Ship is insured (for T1; T2 optional)
>> if the operation “poster” has specified a ship type/loadout
>> check with the Fleet Commander (FC) when fleeting up if there is a ship type/loadout you are or should bring


Ship and Roles
> Fit your ship to take advantage of its bonuses, if you want to fly a different style switch to the proper ship.
> Use your optimal range and try to fit modules that operate at about the same range.
> Focus on your role, for example, if you are a tackler any DPS after your primary function (web, scram, etc) is a bonus to the fleet.


> Trust your FC and your members to play their roles
> Do not AFK without notifying the FC. Do not make your fleet wait for you.
> Do not worry about killmails during combat or at any time when your fleet is exposed (such as at gates).
> Have a printout of the area you are operating in.
> Know where you are (check system names as you enter, overtime).
> Know the systems, how many gates (names), stations and belts.
> Don’t make fleet changes (invites, squad/wing commanders, etc) without warning the gang.


> Optimize your overview settings to the role you are playing.
> Have multiple overview tabs and profiles ready for switching between multiple purposes (warp to points; drones on/off)


> turn off mail (personal) blinking to reduce lag in the event of ship destruction
> activate eve or 3rd party voice service
>> check sound levels
>> cover policy:
– keep comms clear
– reduce background noise
– voice should be used for items of importance to the fleet
– text chat should be used for general chat
– only FC, Scout, or request/action events (scram/web: points) should be reported on voice
– announce jams and other EWAR events as well as incoming intel such as cyan fields
– Keep communication simple. Use succinct sentences, for example. “In <system> : There are <amount of> hostiles and <amount of> neutrals at <system> gate.”
– Repeat orders, sometimes they will be missed or misunderstood. You may need to type them in text chat in certain situations or designate someone to do this.


Fleet Protocols
> At the operation start time be ready in rendezvous system with the proper ship and prerequisites completed
> Always form a fleet and assign an FC even when in small groups.
> Assign a backup FC incase the primary gets destroyed or client dropped.
> Assign Fleet positions (squad commander, scout, etc), and boosters.
> Setup squads according to ship roles or corp/alliance memberships
> When feasible, set fleet to “free move”
> FCs should know what ships are in their fleet; members should know what others are flying
> Learn which ships in your fleet will be the primary targets, be ready to support them (i.e. remote repair)


> When told to align, align; do not warp.
> Stay with the fleet, those who fly off, usually get picked off.
> All fleet members should warp together unless told otherwise.
> Do not jump gates, dock or undock until told to do so.
> Hold cloak until given orders
> Verify your warp-to range.
> NEVER warp to 0 at a friendly scout unless told to explicitly!.
> Do not engage unless told to by the FC.
> Focus fire on Primary targets unless told to do otherwise.
> When possible, be aligned to a way clear of the fight.
> Ensure redundant tackle. After that, spread tackle AND announce which targets you have tackled.
> Warping out, hesitating to engage when ordered, or operating outside your optimal range can get your whole fleet killed.


Loot, cash, mula, iskies
> Collect loot only when the field is clear and the situation is under friendly control.
> FC or designated pilot is responsible for handling fair loot division.
> Report what you loot, be honest with your fleet members. You got this loot due to their help.
> Everybody in the fleet deserves a share.
> Take care of those who lost ships.


When shit hits the fan
> Unless the FC has said otherwise when your ship starts to enter structure hang in as long as possible and if you can warp away before being destroyed.
> If a retreat order is given, pull out. Ensure as many people get clear as possible.
> Try to get survivors to a safe spot.
> Once everyone is clear decide whether to wait, run as a group, or disband on the spot.
> Don’t sacrifice remaining ships when you realise a flight is lost.
> Before counterattacking regroup and reorganize.
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helm to one-oh-eight

2009/11/02 1 comment

I could feel the storm coming, those purply-orange clouds creeping their way lazily across the ocean and up the cliff towards our settlement. In the distance a thump as something hits the ground and another slowly working their way towards me. The panic starts to set in, my knuckles turn white as my grip tightens…

“Captain coded message for you from the corporation… Captain?” The comm-officer’s voice drags me back to reality. Even after all these years, and so far from home I still can’t let go. As I wipe the sweat from my chest, I order the computer to decode the message using bio-metric identification.

“She’s finished decoding Captain, it’s for your eyes only; transferring to your neo-com now.” The comm-officer whispers as he turns towards me with questioning eyes. “There’ll be none of that on my ship, officer, put it on the main screen!”

A shape beings to materialize on the screen. As it comes into focus the company’s watermark displays prominently in an overlay.

“Ayuno, due to your knowledge and experience you are hereby promoted to the rank of Commander. You are to take the Arch-Angel and rendezvous with the fleet at our corporate offices on Illinfrik VII – Moon 12 – Pator Tech School, 0430 EVE STANDARD TIME on 06.11.111.

At that time you will take command, and perform fleet exercises to your discretion. This message has been disseminate to the other captains and I will be attending to evaluate your performance.”

This is it, I say to myself, back into the cloud. “Helm to one-oh-eight, engineering prepare FTL for warp”

“HELM TO ONE-OH-EIGHT, COMMANDER” booms the officer. Commander, eh. I like the sounds of that.

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